Tigtronic Integral Controller
Tigtronic Integral Controller

Package includes:

  • Controller
  • Power cable
  • Connection cable controller / power source
  • USB-Stick (1 GB)

Item No. 1.3.0013



Windows based controller for orbital welding with open framed weld heads, enclosed weld heads, tube-tubesheet weld heads and turn table systems with or without AVC. In addition to the features of the Basic 2, Basic 3 and Orbital 3 controllers the Tigtronic Integral Controller offers:

  • 10.5“ full colour touch screen (options for connecting a keyboard and mouse but controller can be operated without).
  • Welding with wire and AVC in connection with turn table systems possible.
  • Orbital tack welding function built in
  • Simple operator guidance through auto calculation of weld schedule parameters (OD tube, wall thickness, weld head number).
  • Selection of welding gases
  • Options for >6 level programming with step and continuous travel modes.
  • Individual tuning of auto calculated parameters and ‘thru-level’ sloping feature built in
  • Amperage and wire feed parameters can be changed during welding.
  • In sequence monitoring of measured vs actual parameters displayed in real time
  • Connections include two USB, one LAN, one RS485, one RS232 and one Audio-out
  • Storage of several hundred welding programmes internally, transfer of all programmes and recorded weld data available through the USB-interface.
  • Program and weld record data can be exported to common Windows programs (i.e. Excel)
  • Software updates can be made via E-Mail
  • HTML format operation and maintenance manual can be accessed and viewed on the display, built in Soundcard
  • Compact and light, dimensions (L x W x H) 400x 330x 180mm and a weight of only 10kg

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