VMX84 Machine 

Available with Winmax single screen (m) and Winmax dual screen (t) control

With X/Y/Z Axis travels of 2134 x 860 x 760mm the VMX84 is the largest vertical machining centre in the Hurco product lineup. The VMX84 was designed to meet the needs of customers who produce large parts, moulds, and dies. The VMX84 is available with spindles speeds of 8K, 12K, or 15K.

All VMX Series machines from Hurco are known for their sturdy construction and exceptional accuracy due to larger ball screws and bigger servo drives. The increased metal removal rates and higher feed rates on the VMX machines decrease part cycle times significantly. Like every Hurco machine, the VMX84 features our world-renowned control.

The flexible Hurco control combined with the newly released WinMax® control software provides the highest level of shop floor flexibility and software productivity for both G-Code and conversational users. 


Product Specification


VMX84 Features / Options:

  • Huge work cube (50% larger on average than competitor models) lets the operator schedule a wider variety of work.
  • Robust conversational and NC programming tools provide the shop with options on how best to approach a particular part.
  • Advanced NC functionality includes graphical data-block searching which eliminates the tedious work of finding specific lines of code. Just point to a spot on the graphic and the Hurco control goes immediately to the corresponding lines of code.
  • Exceptional cutting feed rates of up to 15.2m/min. Couple that with surface finishing and other process automation software options to get the fastest cut with the best quality.
  • The optional conversational probing aligns the machine to the part, not the other way around. That saves a tremendous amount of setup time.
  • Faster swing arm ATC with more tool pockets standard and the more reliable electrical indexer.
  • Larger door opening gives you more room to load and unload. Easy overhead crane access to load large, heavy parts or fixtures.
  • Huge work cube (50% larger on average compared to competitive models) lets you schedule a wider variety of work.
  • Enhanced NC interpreter includes powerful software features, such as Graphical Data Block Search that eliminates the tedious task of searching through hundreds of lines of code. Use the rendered graphic of the part and simply point to the spot you need to adjust—the software automatically finds the corresponding line of code.
  • Larger work cube of 2134 x 860 x 760 mm
  • 14,510 Kg solid frame design
  • 2268 Kg table load 
  • 40-station (CAT40) or 32-station (CAT50), automatic, swing-arm tool changer
  • High speed 15,000 RPM spindle
  • Powerful 24 hp, dual-winding, high-torque, spindle motor  
  • Cartridge spindle design with coolant ring
  • Coolant Through the Spindle up to 1000 psi 
  • High Torque Package 
  • Heavy duty linear rails in all three axis
  • Oversized, double nut, pre-tensioned ball screws
  • Large side doors for easy access
  • Linear Glass Scales X,Y and Z  
  • Automatic central lubrication system
  • Auto way lube separation system
  • Chip auger and wash-down system  
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Servo driven, no need for mechanical counter balance
  • Robust control and software tools 
  • User-friendly, ergonomic control console
  • Dual screen WinMax® control system for displaying active graphics
  • Software
  • Thermal Stabilization Package for Head
  • Air Conditioner
  • MAS-BT40 Tooling Package
  • Conversational Touch Tool Probe
  • Conversational Part Probe  
  • Fast 18m/min rapid traverse rates  
  • Rigid tapping
  • Automatic Pallet Changer with 2184 x 863 mm pallet  
  • Tool Holder Kit
  • Retention Stud Kit
  • Hurco Vice (4", 6" or 8")
  • UL, CSA, NFPA 79 independently certified, with CE certification

VMX84 Frame


VMX84 - 40
VMX84 - 50
  Footprint [W x D], mm  
  X, Y, Z Axis Travel, mm>
2,134 x 860 x 760
  Table Size, mm
2,184 x 864
  Max Weight on Table, Kg
  Max Spindle Motor Torque, (Nm @ rpm)
423 @ 500
353 @ 600
237 @ 720
190 @ 900
Rapid Traverse X, Y / Z axis,(M / min
18 / 13.5
40 CAT(BT) 40
32 CAT(BT) 50
  Positioning, mm
± 0.005
  Repeatability, mm
± 0.0025
  Machine Weight, Kg