VM Series


VM10HS Machine
A new approach to high speed machining

It‘s time someone looked differently at machining graphite. That‘s exactly what Hurco did, and it‘s what led to the remarkable VM10 HS

This mill is identical to the standard VM1, but with some not-so-subtle differences that make it ideal for graphite work.

First, it has a very high-speed spindle ensuring quality performance. The standard version is 20,000 rpm. There‘s an even faster option, capable of 30,000 rpm.

It is also tightly enclosed and has positive air flow to remove the dust.
Hurco can provide a vacuum system or you can use your own.

Already a one-of-a-kind graphite capable machine, the VM10 HS goes further by offering the flexibility that no other machine on the market can offer -- the Hurco control and software automation options.

All of this in such an attractive package.

Product Specification

VM10HS Features / Options:
  • Large work cube of 660X406X508 mm 
  • Very small footprint for size of work cube
  • 2,920 Kg solid frame design using FEA
  • 20-station, 30 Taper, automatic, swing-arm tool changer
  • High speed 20,000 RPM spindle with air purge
  • 30,000 RPM BT 30 Motorized Spindle 
  • Cartridge, Dust Collector Replacement
  • Heavy duty linear rails in all three axis
  • Oversized, double nut ball screws  
  • Automatic central lubrication system
  • Auto way lube separation system
  • Chip Auger Assembly (Supplied with Chip Cart)
  • Ready for dust containment system
  • Graphite Dust Collection
  • Positive air flow telescoping cover 
  • Fully CE compliant
  • Servo driven, no need for mechanical counter balance
  • Options and accessories are “plug and play”
  • Robust WinMax control and software tools
  • User-friendly, ergonomic control console
  • Numerous software automation options
  • Max Keyboard
  • Max Remote Jog
  • Safety Mat (Fatigue)
  • Work Light
  • Clear Dome Cover
  • Air Gun
  • Conversational Touch Tool Probe
  • Conversational Part Probe  
  • Manual Pallet Changer with 558X406 mm pallets
  • UL, CSA, NFPA 79 independently certified, with CE certification



  Footprint [WxD] (mm)

1,803 x 1,600 x 2,470

  X, Y, Z travels (mm)

660 x 406 x 508

  Table working surface (mm)

762 x 356

  Maximum weight on table (kg)


  Max Spindle Motor Torque,  Nm @ rpm


3 @ 20,000

  Peak Spindle Motor Hp


  Rapid traverse X,Y/Z axis (m/min)


  Number of tools standard in swing-arm ATC

BT 30

  Tool capacity


  Positioning / repeatability (mm)

±0.005 / 0.0025

  Weight (kg)