Safety Edges

AM Safety safety edges are designed to protect shearing and crushing edges where small stop distances are available, i.e. machine protection hoods or scissor table lifts.

AM Safety safety  edges are manufactured according to customer requirements. By using the flexible AM Safetytransducer it is possible to consider various or different angles. Naturally the angles are able to trigger a signal!

Various profile sizes are available to enable different stop distances. Due to the unified profile width of 25 mm an exchange is possible i.e. if the stop distance of the protected machine is increased.
In addition the profiles are supplied in either NBR or EPDM quality. Therefore, the appropriate safety edge can be selected for the available surroundings.

A total of  80 m (AT series 200m) of safety  edges  can  be  connected  to  one AM Safety controller, all in one or various edges. The length of the connection cable can be up to 100 metres.

For further information please see AM Safety catalogue.