AM Safety Contoller

The AM Safety controllers type C2-B and C2-M are designed to control the connected safety components, i.e. safety mats, safety rails and safety bumpers. 

By using a controller it is also possible to use mains voltage.

Both units fulfil safety category 3 according to EN 954-1 and are operated with 24 V DC or 18 V AC voltages. An external power adaptor for other voltages is available on request.

Safety mats, safety edges and safety bumpers can be connected to the AM Safety controllers type C2-B and C2-M. If several safety components are in use only series connections are permitted. Type C2-B has a safe N.O. contact and a safe N.C. contact as outlet and alternatively type C2-M has 2 safe N.O. contacts.

If various switch connections are requirement for a certain application, contact extension CS-E can be added downstream. This extension provides an additional three positively driven N.O. contacts and one additional positively driven N.C. contact.

For further information please see AM Safety catalogue.