Ilmag - Storage System





Rotoffice filing rotating system allows recovery of space in height, offices, banks, municipalities, registers, files etc. ... and functions of storage and replacement goods ...



Advantages over using a filing rotating system / traditional shelving:

  • Recovery of space in height
  • Privacy
    closing of the filing system by code lock
  • Reduction of search time
  • Ergonomic use
    workstation at the height of the person, illuminated and protected by security required by the Directive on machinery load handling

  • Versatility
    filing/storage of different materials: hanging file folders, Box files, drawers or various containers, flat folders ...
  • Flexibility
    carriers heights and depths varying depending on the needs

  • Bbody disappearing
    ability to build into the wall the entire body of the machine, leaving exposed only the opening with fine finishing touches.

  • Technical Data:
    • system height from 1,4 to 9 metre
    • carrier width from 2 to 3,5 metre
    • carrier depth from 330 to 615 mm
    • carrier payload from 130 to 250 Kg

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