VMX24 Machine
Big capabilities in a small package.

There are not many machining centres in the world with a 610mmX-axis travel that have as small a footprint as the Hurco VMX24. Even fewer with an accompanying 508mm Y-axis travel. Then, packaged with all the additional features, it certainly stands alone. 

As with all Hurco machines, the VMX24 comes with the most powerful control available. It’s also rigidly constructed to eliminate vibrations – even under the heaviest cutting conditions. The standard, 10,000 RPM spindle compares favourably to many machining centres costing considerably more. 

The 24-station automatic tool changer goes from tool to tool in three seconds. That’s just more evidence that the VMX24 is about speed as much as it is power. The VMX24 can be upgraded to feature a higher-speed, 15,000 RPM spindle.

All Hurco VMX models include many standard features that are typically offered as options on most other vertical machining centre brands.

Product Specification


VMX24 Features / Options:
  • Larger work cube of 610x508x610mm
  • 4,200 Kg solid frame design using FEA
  • 24-station, automatic, swing-arm tool changer
  • High speed 12,000 RPM spindle
  • Powerful 12 hp, dual-winding, high-torque, spindle motor
  • 1,360 Kg table load
  • Cartridge spindle design with coolant ring
  • Heavy duty linear rails in all three axis
  • Large side doors for easy access
  • Linear Glass Scales X,Y and Z  
  • Oversized, double nut, pre-tensioned ball screws
  • Coolant Through the Spindle up to 1000 psi
  • High Torque Package 
  • Automatic central lubrication system
  • Auto way lube separation system
  • Chip Conveyor 
  • Servo driven, no need for mechanical counter balance
  • Robust control and software tools
  • User-friendly, ergonomic control console
  • Dual screen WinMax control system for displaying active graphics 
  • Software
  • Thermal Stabilization Package for Head
  • Air Conditioner
  • BT40 Tooling Package
  • Conversational Touch Tool Probe
  • Conversational Part Probe
  • Exceptional cutting feed rates of up to 15.2 m/min
  • Fast 35 m/min rapid traverse rates   
  • Rigid tapping
  • Automatic Pallet Changer with 610 x 381mm pallet
  • Retention Stud Kit
  • Hurco Vice (4", 6" or 8")
  • UL, CSA, NFPA 79 independently certified, with CE certification

VM2 Frame


  Footprint [WxD] (mm)

2,179 x 2,311

  X, Y, Z travels (mm)

610 x 508 x 610

  Table working surface (mm)

760 x 508

  Max Weight on Table,  Kg



  Maximum spindle speed (rpm)





115 @ 750

102 @ 1,450


95 @ 900



76 @ 1,125


  Rapid Traverse  X, Y / Z axis, M / min

35/ 30

30 / 20


24 CAT (BT) 40

  Positioning / repeatability (mm)

±0.005 / 0.0025

±0.005 / 0.0025

  Weight (kg)





Product Videos

Hurco VMX24 Video