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Efficient machining using two types of insert: Hoffmann Group presents the new TwinCut 45° high-performance face mill

With high-performance micro-grain substrates and the latest coating technologies, the indexable inserts for the new GARANT TwinCut System indexable face mill offer particularly high wear resistance at high metal removal rates.
  The new GARANT TwinCut System face mill from the Hoffmann Group is now available for immediate delivery. It can carry two different types of indexable inserts: ONMU 05T6 for roughing and pre-finishing operations up to 3 mm cutting depth and SNMU 14T7 for roughing and finishing operations up to 6 mm cutting depth. Because it has 16 cutting edges, the ONMU offers incontrovertible cost-effectiveness. This flexibility is granted by a precisely positioned shim with form fit which can be indexed through 180 degrees for optimum alignment in the insert pocket to suit the respective type of insert. The main fields of application are currently the industrial machining of tool steels, heat treatable steels and stainless steels in short and long production runs.