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Scan Combiflex 800 PROPANE Launching


First in Europe to introduce a propane driven grinder

As the first manufacturer in Europe, we are excited to announce the launch of our latest innovation, the propane grinder Scan Combiflex 800 Propane.

The Scan Combiflex 800 Propane is designed for high productivity in large areas with no need for external electrical pow­er. Our new grinder is flexible and designed for any application out there. When you order a Scan Combiflex 800 Propane, you get a tool box with 5 set of grinding tools for your project, to a value of SEK 25 000 excl. VAT.

The launch of the Scan Combiflex 800 Propane takes place at the World of Concrete 2014 in Las Vegas, NV, USA.

In 2003, the first Scan Combiflex grinder was launched. This initial model fast became a bestseller. Since then, our grinder line has rapidly expanded to include a total of twelve models, with numerous variants and options available.

The Scan Combiflex 800 Propane (SC 800 Propane) is the newest model in the Scan Combiflex line of grinders. It is a robust and stable machine, designed to be operated 100% from propane, with no need for external electrical power. The SC 800 Propane is great for outdoor applications where  there  are  limited  power  options.  With  its  weight  and  horsepower,  the  SC  800  Propane  is  a  powerful  and  efficient  machine,  engineered  for  any  application  out there. The ergonomic design allows the machine to grind and polish at higher speeds, while at the  same  time  minimizing  side  torque  and  stress  on  the  operator.  The  ergonomic  design  also  reduces vibrations for the operator, and enables the machine to produce consistent results with minimal effort.