Hurco Machining Center

Some machine tool companies want you to think there`s really little difference between machine tool brands. Hurco can`t disagree more. The important thing is to understand the real differences and select the equipment that is best for your operation. 

Hurco`s differences are very pronounced, though not all are obvious at first glance. Different shops and operators have different needs, and that`s why the Hurco`s control is perfectly suited for them. It is flexible and powerful primarily because of its simplicity. That`s also why Hurco offers such an intelligent breadth of machining centers. 

Each series has its own well-defined place in the market. Chances are, you`ll find just what you need in one of Hurco`s 12 machining center models.






VM Series

The VM Series consists of the CNC machining centers with the smallest footprint in the industry maintain incredible productivity. This series also includes a machine specifically designed for graphite work, featuring a high-speed spindle.
660 × 406 × 508
1,016 × 508 × 508
1,270 × 508 × 508
660 × 406 × 508

660 x 406 x 508
All units in mm.

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VMX Series

The VMX Series, Hurco`s signature line of machining centers, takes machining up a level. These machines deliver high performance capabilities to any machining application. The VMX was created specifically to take advantage of Hurco`s powerful UltiMax control. Options include high speed spindles, large tool-change capabilities and significant production-enhancing software.


610 × 508 × 610
762 × 508 × 610
1,066 × 610 × 610
1,270 × 660 × 610
1,524 x 660 x 610
1,625 × 860 × 760
2,134 x 860 x 760

All units in mm.

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DCX Series



The DCX Series, According to our customers, the aerospace and energy sectors are requiring bigger and bigger parts. To support these customers, we incorporated our advanced control technology with our design and manufacturing expertise.  


2,200mm x 1,700mm x 750mm
3,200mm x 2,100mm x 920mm


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ZONE Series

The Dual-zone machining centre is the perfect combination of performance and versatility. Used as a single zone, you can process parts up to 80 inches long. With zone divider in place, you can set up a part in one zone while another part is being machined in the other zone.

762mm x 660mm x 610mm


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The HTX500 is challenging conventional wisdom that Hurcos are only for the small job shops. These horizontal machining centers routinely match the performance of machines costing twice as much.

The unique traveling column provides the speed and precision required for advanced machining processes, but compared to other, typical vertical machining center with a similar design concept, the HTX is capable of much higher contour machining rates with superior surface finishes. 

Equipped with high-speed microprocessors, huge RAM and hard drive memories, the Hurco control easily links 2D, 3D and multi-sided machining programs with its CAM compatibility.

710mm x 610mm x 610mm


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U Series 

The U Series is ideal for complex machining applications. The VTXU provides 5-axis positioning work on multi-sided parts where reductions in setup time and overall part accuracy are crucial. 

533 x 406 x 483
762 x 508 x 520
1,067 x 610 x 520

1,524 x 660 x 610
800 × 698 × 508
All units in mm.

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SR Series 

The SR 5-axis machines tackle complex, multi-sided parts with a B-axis swivel head and C-axis rotary table design. The Hurco SR machines include a special version of WinMax® control software that streamlines setup and simplifies programming for complex parts.

1,067 × 610 × 610
1,525 x 660 x 610
All units in mm.


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