AM Safety

The AM Safety safety components are designed for use with a highly flexible transducer which is integrated in the individual devices (safety mats, safety edges and safety bumpers).  This transducer is connected to the evaluation unit (controller) with a 4-wire cable. The switching element as well as the connecting cable is permanently controlled by this principle.

Controllers C2-B and C2-M fulfil safety category 3 according to EN 954-1 and operate with either manual or automatic reset, according to type of connection. Outlets are positively driven, potential-free relay contacts which can be extended with our relay module C-SE if required.

AM Safety products are manufactured according to customer requirements and it is therefore possible to consider i.e. round, triangular or other cut-out sections in safety mats. Our safety edges can include various angles to fit customer and application requirements. As bumpers are also manufactured to customer specification we require a drawing including height, width, depth, shape and type of fastening.

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