Hänel Automated Storage System

Hänel Automated Storage System

Hänel Storage System

Innovations and Perspectives in Intralogistics
and Inventory Control

Hanel Rotomat System



Hänel Rotomat System

Simply brilliant...

The Hänel Rotomat System has revolutionized warehousing, materials handling and retrieval times: Storage capacity is increased by up to 60%, and enormous reductions in work-time are achieved.

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Hänel Lean-Lift System

Simply ingenious...

The Hänel Lean-Lift system with vertical lift technology. The Lean-Lift uses available room heights, similar to high bay racking.

Unlike high bay racking, however, the Lean-Lift stores the parts without any loss of storage space, by means of height optimization. This results in maximum storage capacity on a minimum footprint. An economic solution, convincing to all.

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