VMX Series

VMX Machining Centers
The fastest, most flexible and accurate in its class.


The VMX Series, Hurco’s signature line of vertical machining centers, matches its industry-leading productivity with its flexibility. These machines have been created specifically to take advantage of Hurco’s powerful UltiMax control.

The VMX provides greater part accuracy and better surface finish by using digital drives, larger ballscrews, larger linear rails and heavier servo drives. These machines are specifically designed and built for speed in every area. The increased metal removal rates and higher feed rates significantly decrease part cycle times.

Hurco product catalog
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VMX Series Brochure
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VMX Best-in-Class Features:

  • One of the industry's largest work cubes (50% larger on average than competitor models) which lets the operator schedule a wider variety of work.
  • Y-axis travels beyond the industry standard for machines with a similar X-axis.
  • Large side doors for easy access.
  • Robust conversational and NC programming tools provide the shop with options on how best to approach a particular part.
  • Wide model range with numerous productivity options/features, including 40-station ATCs, 50-taper spindles, high-speed spindles and 1,360 Kg table loads.
  • Advanced NC functionality includes graphical data-block searching which eliminates the tedious work of finding specific lines of code. Just point to a spot on the graphic and the Hurco control goes immediately to the corresponding lines of code.
  • Exceptional cutting feed rates of up to 2,000 ipm with Hurco's Advanced Surface Finish. Couple that with other process automation software to get the fastest cut with the best quality.
  • The optional conversational probing aligns the machine to the part, not the other way around. That saves a tremendous amount of setup time.
  • The VMX spindle coolant jacket is standard and designed into the frame head casting. It reduces heat disapation while stablising large temperature variations. It's a simple yet very effective way to keep the spindle at optimum temperature, and the machine cutting with unquestioned precision. Higher duty cycles may require the thermo compensation spindle oil chiller option package.
  • Ever-improving reliability makes this VMX Series a valued workhorse in the industry.
  • Hurco products are UL, CSA, NFPA 79 independently certified, with CE certification optional.

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