VM Series


Hurcos VM Series machining centres have become the fastest growing in their class. Their popularity comes from the VM`s unique ability to provide exactly what machinists want in a remarkably small package. 

The extraordinarily large work cube and small footprint (the VM`s most unique features) optimise shop floor utilization. Two challenges always face a shop – how much space the machine will take up and what kind of work the spindle bearing can handle. The VM series offers the best combination in the industry. 

The 20-station, swing-arm, automatic tool changer keeps the tools out of the work envelope. You can select the spindle most appropriate to your applications – 8,000 or 10,000 rpm.


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Best in class features:

  • The VM has the smallest footprint in the industry with surprisingly large work cubes and travels.

  • The work cube is even better because the swing-arm ATC is out of the way and doesn't interfere.

  • The low base price makes the VM Series the most reasonably priced machining centre in its class.

  • An advanced control system with robust conversational and NC programming tools provide the shop with options on how best to approach a particular part and numerous other process automation software options to get the fastest cut with the best quality.

  • Options and accessories (both hardware and software) are easily “plug and play,” so they can be added to the VM machines at any time. Buy only the options you need at the beginning and then select options as needs change.

  • With the latest technology and automation, the VM series is a great replacement for older VMCs and knee/bed mills.

  • Combined with a Hurco lathe, it's a very cost-effective solution to expensive mill-turn machines.

  • It`s two independent machines for the price of one mill-turn and the VM Series has far greater capacity.

  • Hurco products are UL, CSA, NFPA 79 independently certified, with CE certification.





VM10 Graphite


660 × 406 × 508
1,016 × 508 × 508
1,270 × 508 × 508
660 × 406 × 508
660 x 406 x 508
All units in mm.